Freshktm Pvt. Ltd.

Branding & Corporate Identity


As consumers, finding the right produce that isn’t tainted with chemicals and is nutritious can be difficult. FreshKTM helps tackle this consumer issue by providing their customers with produce that’s carefully selected, lab tested, and free of pesticides. They even extend their hands toward farmers to help improve their planning and productivity.

As their name suggests, FreshKTM needed a fresh approach to their brand strategy and design. We were thrilled to help them with it. We worked with them extensively to come up with a good brand strategy that expressed the products they were providing to consumers as well as the services to the farmers who were growing those products. As part of the brand strategy and design, we created boards, brochures, merchandise, and vehicle branding for their new outlet.


Client: Freshktm Pvt. Ltd.

Scope: Branding and Corporate Identity